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Biodegradable A4 Eco-friendly Mail Bags 240mm x 350mm

100% Biodegradable

Just above A4 size (240mm x 350mm / 9.4" x 13.8")

Contains minimum of 30% recycled material

Activated by natural sunlight

Self seal fold-over strip

Lightweight yet strong and durable

Eco-Friendly packaging option

White and green design

Free shipping!

Fast dispatch from UK Stock

The term ‘Oxo-biodegradability’ is a hybridisation of two words, oxidation and biodegradability. It defines clearly a two step process initiated in this case by the ReverteTM additive to degrade the polymer chain (break up) and make it available for biodegradability within the environment when a treated item has finished its useful life.

These bags  should be disposed of in general waste rather than recycling, as they will break down and disintegrate.

We are very happy to have sourced this ethically, environmentally sound packaging, which we use for our own products. We have also decided to make these bags available for public purchase in order to increase the usage of  eco-friendly packaging and reduce landfill waste.

10 pack = £2.49 (approx 25p per bag)
20 pack = £3.99 (approx 20p per bag)
100 pack = £13.99 (approx 14p per bag)
1000 pack = £79.99 (approx 8p per bag)

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