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Our Technology

At Protexa we are always on the lookout for new, innovative and eco-friendly technologies to develop into products our customers will love.
Read below to find out more about the choices we make. 


Our Eco-Mask collection is an advancement in protective garment and face-mask design that offers superior protection for professionals and the public entering biologically hazardous work environments or social spaces.

While existing face-mask technologies can only provide a comparatively low level of bio-protection, our newly developed sustainable and ecologically sound materials naturally possess strong anti-bacterial and infection preventative properties, making them vastly more effective at enhancing biosafety than any sustainable and reusable mask on the market.

Furthermore, the materials we use are toxin-free and the organic anti-bacterial treatment makes our products highly eco-friendly, thus tackling the major issue of eco-waste created by PPE made from synthetic textiles. 

The numerous impressive benefits of which include:

  •  Highly Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral (see table below for bacteria/virus reduction rates)

Bacteria/Virus                                               % Reduced

Escherichia Coli


Faecal Bacteria






Candida Albicans


Staphylococcus Aureus



  • Made and produced with all-natural eco-friendly materials
  • Gentle on skin, and anti-allergenic
  • Up to 99% UV protection
  • Durable and reusable
  • High Water Absorption and quick to dry



Filter Snoods / Neck Gaiters

We designed our snood collection to be a multi-functional, all-season product that offers a more casual look than a traditional face mask. Choose from a range of colours to compliment your style.

Our snood can be worn around the neck as a lightweight scarf. When protection is needed it can easily be pulled up over the nose and mouth, serving as a face covering. The elasticated properties of the material allow it to comfortably and securely rest on the nose.

The distinguishing feature of the Protexa snood is the front open filter pocket, which provide the option of enhanced protection. We provide two complimentary PM.2.5 filters with every purchase.



Ventilated Double-Valve Sports Mask

Developed for the active user, our Double Valved Sports Mask has twin respirators, allowing you to breathe comfortably while doing the activities that you love. This product is ideal for prolonged use or in circumstances where you may be more active and need the extra breathability provided by the ventilators.

The mask incorporates a replaceable activated carbon filter for enhanced respiratory defence. Our sports mask has also been designed with comfort in mind. The flexible mesh fabric limits sweat build up and ensures a comfortable fit. An adjustable nose strip provides a tight seal over the face, while the ear loops and rear vecro fastening prevent movement during exercise.



PROTEXA Bio Mailbags

Our eco-tech mail bags are made from biodegradable polythene, (which includes a prodegradant catalyst - Reverte™) tested in accordance with ASTM6954-04 standards. This allows the polythene to degrade and then biodegrade by conversion into small-chain organic chemicals, such as ketones, alcohols, carboxylic acids, and low molecular mass hydrocarbon waxes.

The remaining chemicals are no longer plastic and are biodegradable by bacteria making this one of the most environmentally sound packaging solutions. Furthermore the bags also contain recycled material.