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PROTEXA - About us

Our Story

 What started out as a simple solution to the COVID-19 crisis, has become a quest for better products - ones which are re-usable, ecological and safe. The founders of PROTEXA have used their expertise in sustainable textiles to develop personal protective equipment that looks and feels great.
The growing global problem of PPE disposal must also not be neglected. Our alternative products help to reduce the pollution caused by the harmful materials found in existing protective equipment.


Our Mission

It is our firm belief that everybody should have the right to take control of their own health and well-being. However, wearing a face covering in public along with other measures, can help stop the transmit of viruses and bacteria, and reduce the rate of infection in the population.

Our mission is simple - to encourage people to protect themselves and others around them, by giving them a product they can truly be proud to wear.


Our Values

We believe that every new business should start out with sustainability at the forefront of everything they do. That's why we commit to using natural and biodegradable products wherever possible - including our packaging!

Furthermore, we strive to reduce usage of disposable synthetic products by continuing to design re-usable solutions. Every time you wear a PROTEXA product, you stop one mask from going to landfill.